Spectrum Paint Empress Colors

White Tiger (SP1):

Crisp, clean, and powerful, White Tiger is a neutral white – a baseline for all whites.

LRV: 90

Trimmed in White (SP2):

Classic and luminous define this warm white color which is perfect for trim and cabinetry.

LRV: 83.2

Designer White (SP3):

Modern and true, Designer White brightens any space from trim to a completely monochromatic look.

LRV: 82.7

Fresh White (SP4):

Crisp and clean, with a hint of warmth, Fresh White is a perfect complementary color as trim or cabinetry.

LRV: 89.5

Whiteout (SP5):

Pure as snow, Whiteout is a crisp white that has a warmness without being creamy or yellow.

LRV: 84

Bandon Dune (SP6):

A warm and friendly white that feels clean and intentional.

LRV: 81.9

Energy White (SP7):

A pure winter white without interfering undertones.

LRV: 88

Clean Linen (SP8):

Clean Linen is a creamy, soft white that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

LRV: 83

Fresh Beginning (SP9):

Nearly off-white, Fresh Beginning is a true neutral with a hint of creaminess to make it approachable as it is peaceful.

LRV: 82

Mountain Powder (SP10):

Cool as the first snow, Mountain Powder is a light white with a bit of greige undertone.

LRV: 83

Cumulus White (SP11):

Luminous and airy as a cloud, Cumulus White is the perfect warm white.

LRV: 85.1

Makena White (SP12):

A true white, Makena White is crisp, modern, and bright.

LRV: 86

Blonde White (SP13):

Blonde White is an undemanding and calming neutral, complimenting nearly any wall color.

Parkwood Gray (SP14):

Parkwood Gray is a dynamic neutral pale gray with a creaminess that exudes sophistication.

LRV: 73.7

Perfect Beige (SP15):

Perfect Beige – the name says it all. This timeless color is a smart and seamless neutral for all spaces.

LRV: 58

Winter's Bone (SP16):

Earthy tones invoke a sense of calmness in this modern greige.

LRV: 60

Birch (SP17):

Warm, light, and inviting, Birch is a neutral backdrop fitting for any room.

LRV: 68.6

Benton Greige (SP18):

Benton Greige is a soft greige that will brighten any space with its freshness and warmth.

LRV: 70

Utica Greige (SP19):

An organic, timeless, and stylish greige that creates a feeling of balance.

LRV: 63.1

Misty Spring (SP20):

This modern blue exudes serenity, making it well-suited for a bathroom or bedroom.

LRV: 60.4

Designer Gray (SP21):

Designer Gray is a soft gray that blends warms and cools to compliment every room.

LRV: 60

Family Gray (SP22):

Family Gray is an inviting and warm gray that acts as the perfect backdrop, allowing other design elements to shine.

Whistling Tan (SP23):

A beautiful, neutral khaki, Whistling Tan exudes classic elegance.

LRV: 63.2

Chameleon Gray (SP24):

Chameleon Gray is the epitome of a chameleon color. It can read blue, green, or gray and evokes feelings of relaxation by the sea.

LRV: 63

Commonwealth Cream (SP25):

A classic, creamy khaki, Commonwealth Cream exudes luxury and comfort.

American Greige (SP26):

American Greige is warm and comfortable, creating a unifying look that brings a calmness to the space.

LRV: 55.1

Barefoot (SP27):

This warm beige conjures memories of lazy days spent in the sand and sun.

LRV: 53.5

Gray Otter (SP28):

Gray Otter is a welcoming and adaptable gray with a mix of blue and green undertones, making it a perfect backdrop for stainless appliances.

LRV: 64.5

Rocky Mist (SP29):

A versatile greige that is a perfectly balanced neutral. While leaning gray, it compliments shades of both brown and gray.

LRV: 65.5

Everyday Gray (SP30):

A true light gray, Everyday Gray has the faintest hint of lavender, while remaining warm and inviting.

LRV: 58

Kiawah Sand (SP31):

A warm, caramelly beige, Kiawah Sand is a chameleon neutral that reacts to its surroundings.

LRV: 57

Main Street Gray (SP32):

This modern gray breathes freshness and adds depth without being cold.

LRV: 59.4

Gramercy Gray (SP33):

Gramercy Gray is a warm, cozy gray with a hint of taupe.

LRV: 47

Rumble Rock (SP34):

Bold, but tranquil, Rumble Rock is an earthy gray excellent for adding depth to interior or exterior spaces.

LRV: 26

Bentonville Blue (SP35):

A true navy, Bentonville Blue is vibrant and dramatic, while remaining timeless.

LRV: 12

Sophisticated Gray (SP36):

Cool, harmonious, and composed, Sophisticated Gray is an expertly refined neutral.

LRV: 50

Middle Earth (SP37):

A deep, earthy gray with layers of warmth.

LRV: 47

Diagon Gray (SP38):

Moody and subtle, Diagon Gray is a medium gray with a bit of warmth to soften the look.

LRV: 39

Sandbridge Blue (SP39):

Sandbridge Blue is a strong, but not overwhelming color. The calmness it presents, evokes memories of afternoons near deep, blue waters.

LRV: 10.3

Queen's Navy (SP40):

This sophisticated navy that charms with notions of a time at sea.

LRV: 8.36

Southport Gray (SP41):

Tasteful, rich, and slightly warm, Southport Gray is a mid-tone gray with just a hint of blue.

LRV: 48.2

Midnight Thunder (SP42):

A perfect storm, Midnight Thunder is a rich, opulent, warm charcoal, acting as an adaptable neutral.

LRV: 14.6

Mild Steel (SP43):

Mild Steel is a hard-working, versatile, and dramatic muted black, perfectly suited for interior or exterior.

LRV: 8.17

Obscurial (SP44):

Crisp and dark, Obsucrial is a clean, nearly black, gray.

LRV: 4.99

Crossroads Red (SP45):

Rich, deep, and bold, Crossroads Red has hints of orange to warm up this confident color.

LRV: 8.82

King Slayer (SP46):

King Slayer is a bold, moody, neutral gray with earthy undertones.

LRV: 17

Authentic Charleston Green (SP47):

Historic, charming, and mysterious, Authentic Charleston Green conjures feelings of strolling down the streets of Charleston lined with doors in a green so dark it is nearly black.

Knockturn Black (SP48):

Saturated and dramatic, Knockturn Black is a true black with no undertones.

LRV: 3

Silver Lilac (SP49):

Silver Lilac is a serene gray that leans into lilac undertones, perfect for a bedroom or other main wall. 

Rose Rock (SP50):

Earthy and warm, Rose Rock is a glowing burnt orange with a cinnamon undertone. 

Haint Blue (SP51):

A clean, light blue, perfect for southern porches and bright, airy spaces.