City Inspired Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

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Williamsburg Wythe Blue panelling in an entry

Paint colors often come with quirky, interesting names. As a nod to some of our locations, we are sharing City Inspired Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore.

Tulsa Twilight 2070-10

Benjamin Moore Tulsa Twilight

Tulsa Twilight Bar

Stone Textile Studio features Tulsa Twilight by Benjamin Moore in this bar backdrop. (Photo Credit: Amy V. Cooper)

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Raleigh Sorrel CW-135

Benjamin Moore Raleigh Sorrel

A deep, milky brown, this shade from the colonial revival color palette is often used to protect the thresholds of Colonial Williamsburg's buildings. 

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Norfolk Cream 261

Benjamin Moore Norfolk Cream

This color is part of the Classic Color Collection. Surround yourself with your color favorites!

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Myrtle Beach 061

Benjamin Moore Myrtle Beach

Part of the Classic Color Collection, a collection of 1,680 inspired hues that consumers and professionals have enjoyed for years. 

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Oklahoma Wheat 2160-50

Benjamin Moore Oklahoma Wheat

Oklahoma Wheat Entryway

An entryway in Oklahoma Wheat.

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Wilmington Spruce 754

Benjamin Moore Wilmington Spruce

Wilmington Spruce Playroom

Andrew Howard design features Wilmington Spruce on the cabinet fronts in this fun playroom. (Photo Credit: Zach DeSart)

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Charleston Brown HC-186

Benjamin Moore Charleston Brown

Formerly known as Charleston Brown PM-23, this color is part of the Historic Color Collection. 

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Virginia Beach 917

Benjamin Moore Virginia Beach

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Topeka Taupe 1463

Benjamin Moore Topeka Taupe

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Williamsburg Wythe Blue CW-590

Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Wythe Blue

Williamsburg Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Wythe Blue featured on wainscoting and stairs. (Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore)

A classic that never goes out of style, this beautiful hybrid blue pairs a hint of Prussian blue with a gray base paint.

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Raleigh Peach CW-205

Benjmain Moore Raleigh Peach

Raleigh Peach Window Seat

Raleigh Peach featured in window seating nook. (Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore)

Tapping 18th century white and red ochre pigments, this dusty soft peach feels timeless and traditional.

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