Flyover State Palette

Posted on Jun 13, 2024 by Amelya Wilmott
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Newburg Green Kitchen

"This palette has been designed with us Midwesterners in mind. Similar to our Affinity Color Collection, this palette of 12 colors all work together. It is curated to insure a timeless, effortless decision while selecting your exterior body, trim and accents.  In addition, it provides choices for your interior that offer a trendy, yet classic update to your home.  Powder rooms, dining rooms, and she sheds/man caves are always a great place to start when adding a pop of color." - Andrea Steenson, Spectrum Paint Color Consultant

Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee Dollop

OC-45  LRV: 81.91

An essential white with just the right amount of warmth.

Pale Oak

Pale Oak dollop

OC-20  LRV: 68.64

With its warm gray undertones, this versatile neutral conjures the quiet majesty of white oak.

Revere Pewter

HC-172  LRV: 55.05

An iconic neutral that provides a versatile bridge between warm and cool tones.

Coventry Gray

Coventry Gray Dollop

HC-169  LRV: 48.18

A steadfast medium gray with relatively neutral undertones.


Gray dollop

2121-10  LRV: 11.51

A softer alternative to black, this rich charcoal offers the slightest hint of warmth.


Onyx dollop

2133-10  LRV: 4.99

Like its namesake, this deep black is both luxurious and grounded.


caliente dollop

AF-290  LRV: 8.82

A charismatic, classic shade of red that is radiant and full of energy.

Audubon Russet

audubon russet dollop

HC-51  LRV: 20.95

A charismatic medium red with a terracotta twist.

Wethersfield Moss

HC-110  LRV: 25.92

A classic mossy green with a subtle warm cast.

Mediterranean Olive

2142-10  LRV: 11.05

Flecked with golden undertones, this rich green captures the sunbaked sophistication of the Mediterranean.

Newburg Green

HC-158  LRV: 10.58

A captivating shade of teal that brings stylish sophistication to a space.

Stratton Blue

HC-142  LRV: 37.77

A muted blue-green that can quietly anchor a room.

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