PPG Blue Paisley: A Vibrant and Inviting Accent Color

Posted on Jan 13, 2015 by Brookside Admin
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Are you looking to positively influence your life through the use of vibrant, inviting colors in your home? Check out the highly anticipated line of color trends from PPG Voice of Color. This year PPG anticipates the color of the year to be Blue Paisley PPG1238-7. With its bohemian flare and global ties, Blue Paisley can be paired with a charming, rich yellow-gold, or used as an accent wall, pulling in some mystery with black, gray and white. Blue Paisley is one of the featured colors presented in Possibility, a collection of four new color palettes showcasing color trends for the PPG The Voice of Color® program.

For those who want a bold, new look try incorporating another one of the top colors of the year. By using the stunning, fresh look of Crushed Pineapple PPG1213-7 you can create a room that is certain to impress. Others may seek the crisp, clean Blue Pearl PPG1157-2, which will create a beautiful monochromatic scheme in any room.

Looking to create a space in your home that is bright and clean but not too bold?  Use Blue Paisley PPG1238-6 along with Black Elegance PPG531-7 or White Rock PPG511-2.  Either of these color combinations will create a space in your home that will make a statement of intrigue and mystery.

No matter what look you are going for, Spectrum Paint has multiple options!  Be sure to check PPG Voice of Color's Global Color and Design Trends booklet online.

Visit a Spectrum Paint location near you to find out more about PPG’s color trends!

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Siloam A post painted Blue Paisley at Spectrum Paint, Bentonville, Arkansas.

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