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Posted on Jan 13, 2021 by Amelya Wilmott
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Gray Otter Bead Board Walls

Our Spectrum Empress color palette consists of 48 of the most popular formulas in today’s market. We polled store managers and outside sales reps to find out the color formulas that they tint every day, as well as the colors that they see on specifications and out in the field, regardless of the source it came from. Check out this condensed list of our Top 12 favorites from the palette! We’re confident you’ll find your new go-to paint color.

American Greige Dollop

American Greige (SP26) is described as being "warm and comfortable, creating a unifying look that brings a calmness to the space." This is a very versatile color that changes based on the lighting and surroundings of a room. American Greige is a great choice for a whole-home color or for use in an open floorplan. 

American Greige

White Tiger Dollop

White Tiger (SP1) is "crisp, clean and powerful". This truly neutral white is a great baseline for all other whites. White Tiger is an excellent choice for ceilings and trim for it's neutral undertones and clean appearance. 

White Tiger

Queen's Navy Dollop

Queen's Navy (SP40) is "a sophisticated navy that charms with notions of a time at sea." This tried and true navy is a perfect bold color that also plays well as a neutral. Queen's Navy makes a beautiful accent wall, cabinet color, or even a moody tone for an entire room. 

Queen's Navy

Birch Dollop

"Warm, light, and inviting, Birch (SP17), is a neutral backdrop fitting for any room." Birch is a beautiful light greige bringing style and timeless class to your space. 


Sophisticated Gray Dollop

Sophisticated Gray (SP36) is described as "Cool, harmonious, and composed, Sophisticated Gray is an expertly refined neutral." This cool, somewhat steely, gray brings great balance to the room while remaining stylish and modern. 

Sophisticated Gray

Misty Spring Dollop

Misty Spring (SP20) is a "...modern blue [that] exuded serenity, making it well-suited for a bedroom or bathroom." This airy blue changes beautiflly with the light and complements many different styles.

Misty Sprin

Utica Greige Dollop

Utica Greige (SP19) is "an organic, timeless, and stylish greige that creates a feeling of balance." This favorite is a go-to greige that allows the elements in the room to shine, making the space feel personal and approachable. 

Utica Greige

Midnight Thunder Dollop

A perfect storm, Midnight Thunder (SP42) is a rich, opulent, warm charcoal acting as an adaptable neutral. Subtle green-gray undertones deepen this beautiful charcoal gray. It pairs perfectly with whites and creams, which allow this neutral to pop.

Midnight Thunder

Whistling Tan Dollop 

A beautiful, neutral khaki, Whistling Tan (SP23) exudes classic elegance. Whistling Tan is a versatile neutral tan that doesn't read yellow or pink, which makes it work in nearly any room. 

Whistling Tan

Gray Otter Dollop

Gray Otter (SP28) is a welcoming and adaptable gray with a mix of blue and green undertones, making it a perfect backdrop for stainless appliances. This best-seller is a favorite of those who are looking to acheive a modern or modern farmhouse look within their home.

Gray Otter

Obscurial Dollop

Crisp and dark, Obscurial (SP44) is a clean, nearly black, gray. Because this black has the slightest grayness, it isn't at all harsh and works well with warm whites. 


Parkwood Gray Dollop

Parkwood Gray (SP14) is a dynamic neutral pale gray with a creaminess that exudes sophistication. A beautiful and classic gray, Parkwood Gray can read nearly white in some rooms and a bit tan in others. This favorite color is timeless and versatile for any room. 

Parkwood Gray

To shop these twelve colors, along with the rest of the Spectrum color palette, head to our online shop or your nearest Spectrum Paint location!

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